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ALGA CICOSA repairing lotion organic body, face

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ALGA CICOSA repairing lotion organic body/face

Pack size:40ml Dosage form:lotion

ALGA CICOSA repairing lotion organic body/face
care for irritations in damp skin areas. For infants, children and adults.

The repairing lotion from ALGA CICOSA dries, repairs and soothes the skin in damp areas (skin folds, weeping skin areas,...). Its natural, hypoallergenic formulation contains Alga-Sendatu ® , our patented, natural, repairing active ingredient from red algae. It promotes the regeneration and reconstruction of the superficial layers of skin. The repairing lotion ALGA CICOSA is particularly suitable for drying irritated skin: in damp and weeping skin areas, in skin folds, for diaper rash, for umbilical cord hygiene, etc.

• Exclusive formulation: contains our patented, organic-certified repair extract
• For the whole family: Infants, children, adults. For face and body.
• Hypoallergenic. Without fragrances. Without alcohol.
• Does not burn the skin.

Shake before use. Apply once or twice a day to the irritated and previously cleansed skin area using a compress or directly with the tip of the bottle. Can be used on the skin and external mucous membranes. Avoid eye contours. Suitable for all skin types.

40 ml bottle

Active ingredients
Alga-Sendatu ® (GelidiumSesquipedale): patented red algae extract, promotes the regeneration of superficial skin layers. Kaolin: absorbs sebum and clears impurities, dries weeping skin areas. Combination of copper sulfate and zinc sulfate: antimicrobial properties, reduces the risk of bacterial spread. Zinc oxide: antimicrobial, antifungal, provides a protective barrier effect. Organic alpha bisabolol: soothes irritated skin. Organic Aloe Vera: moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin by forming a protective layer on the skin's surface that prevents moisture loss. Vegetable organic glycerin: Moisturizes the skin and has a water-attracting effect.

ALGA CICOSA repairing lotion organic body, face