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ALGOVIR effect cold spray

HERMES Arzneimittel GmbH

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ALGOVIR effect cold spray 20 ml

algovir ® Effect Cold
Spray Defend against cold viruses with algovir.

ALGOVIR effect cold spray Active ingredients:

- 1.2 mg iota carrageenan
- 0.4 mg kappa carrageenan

What is algovir cold spray?
algovir effect cold spray
For the supportive treatment of viral colds.

About 90% of all colds are caused by viruses and the main entry point for viruses is the nose. With the algovir cold spray, viral colds can be treated causally. If used in good time, algovir can prevent the onset of a cold or shorten the duration of the cold. In addition, the symptoms of a cold can be alleviated and the risk of relapse can be reduced. This has been shown in clinical studies. algovir cold spray can be used prophylactically or from the first signs of a cold. The patented active ingredient Carragelose, from red algae, covers the nasal mucosa like a protective film and prevents the viruses from penetrating the cells of the nasal mucosa and multiplying there. algovir cold spray does not contain any preservatives and does not lead to any habituation effect. And what's special: algovir is also suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children from 1 year.

The advantages of algovir cold spray at a glance:


- contains the natural active ingredient Carragelose from red algae
- forms a protective film on the nasal mucous membrane in which the viruses get caught
- can prevent an outbreak of infection - or shortens the cold phase
- contains no preservatives
- does not call Getting used to it
- suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children from one year of age
- easy handling, also for traveling

ALGOVIR effect cold spray Note:
For reasons of hygiene and to avoid the transmission of pathogens, a spray bottle should only be used by one and the same person.

Keep out of the reach of children!