ALINESS Detox Complex x 60 capsules, quickest way to lose weight


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  • ALINESS Detox Complex is a complex nutricosmetic, which speeds up the metabolism and regulates glucose levels in the body. It increases exercise capacity of the body and prevents the yo-yo effect.

2 capsules contain: Conjugated linoleic acid 600 mg, green tea extract 200mg, L-carnitine tartrate 300 mg, chloride, chromium III 40μ, soy lecithin 22 mg

Nutrikosmetyk has a unique formula of (all the ingredients are in the form of a solution so quickly can be absorbed by the body. It contains green tea, which speeds up metabolism and acts antioxidant - neutralizing the action of free radicals and slow down the process of aging. It affects acceleration of fat burning , reduces the absorption of lipids in the intestine and helps detoxify the body. As a result, supports the process of reducing body fat. It improves concentration and facilitates learning. in addition, a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system - increases the elasticity of blood vessel walls and can run antihypertensive. It is a source of l-carnitine tartrate and therefore supports the process of weight loss. thus, it provides fatty acids into the mitochondria of all the muscle cells of the body, allows the combustion and consumption in order to get the energy to work. it causes an increase in exercise capacity of the body and prevents sudden weight gain after the slimming treatment. CLA irrevocably destroys the lipid. In addition, strongly activates the process of formation of proteins making up the muscles in place of the lost fat. It consists of the chrome, which is responsible for regulating the activity of enzymes acting on the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. Thanks to this preparation reduces the level of glucose in the blood and helps in reducing body fat and maintain a healthy weight.

Use as part of weight loss.

This product is intended for oral use. Take 1-2 capsules. After eating.