ALINESS RevitalHair x 60 capsules


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  • ALINESS Revital Hair innovative dietary supplement in capsule form with a solution Licaps containing plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals to support the good condition of hair, skin and nails. The product does not contain artificial colors or chemical additives.


active ingredients



Wheat germ oil

150 mg

300 mg


40 mg

80 mg

The extract of horsetail

40 mg

80 mg


30 mg

60 mg

Soy lecithin
containing phospholipids

20 mg

10 mg

40 mg

20 mg

The extract of nettle

20 mg

40 mg

Extract of bamboo shoots

40 mg

80 mg


16 mg

32 mg

Iron (ferrous fumarate II)

7.00 mg (50% *)

14 mg (100% *)

Rice protein hydrolyzate, sodium selenite and

6.00 mg

27.50 mg (50% *)

12.00 mg

55.00 mg (100% *)

E vitamin

6.00 mg (50% *)

12.00 mg (100% *)

Vitamin B6

0.70 mg (50% *)

1.40 mg (100% *)


50 mg (100% *)

100 mg (200% *)

Vitamin D3

2.5 g (50% *)

5.00 g (100% *)

Vitamin B12

1.25 mg (50% *)

2.50 mg (100% *)

*% Of the recommended daily intake

Revital Hair, is a modern, properly formulated nutritional supplement with high bioavailability, which instantly improves the condition of skin, hair and nails. Vitamins, minerals and plant extracts contained in the product help strengthen nails and hair, and also moisturize and nourish it from the inside - which certainly will feel the skin and become healthier and more radiant. In composition we find oil, wheat germ, which gives elasticity and softness to hair, amino acids, which are the main building blocks of hair, extract of horsetail, extract of nettle - cleanses the body of toxins, smoothes the skin, strengthens hair and makes them faster growth, lift the momentum of bamboo, which stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin fibers and Biotin regulates the functioning of the skin and prevents hair loss and split ends hair with rice protein hydrolyzate, which strengthens the hair structure by improving its hardness and elasticity. An additional advantage of the formulation Revital Hair is its safety of use because they do not contain allergens, artificial colors, and chemical components of genetically modified. Revital Hair does not include gluten, salt allergens, which increases the safety of the allergenic preparation by the celiac disease and diabetes.

Revital hair prevents hair loss (including the pharmacological treatments), stimulates the re-growth of hair and nails and strengthens hair roots. Moreover, taking the product also helps prevent oily hair and prevents loss of hair and skin pigment.

Portion recommended for consumption during the day 1-2 capsules during or after a meal with water