ALKALURINE granules 150g.


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The product ALKALURINE is intended for alkalizing the urine.

The purpose of alkalization is to increase the solubility of kidney stones, as well as to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

ALCALURINE is particularly effective in dissolving urate stones and in mixed urate-oxalate stones when the oxalate stones are below 25%. It is also effective for phosphate, mixed and calcium oxalate stones.

Alkalization of urine helps reduce the symptoms of urinary tract inflammation in kidney stones and cystitis.

Urine alkalization helps eliminate uric acid in gout sufferers. Systemic alkalization of urine in patients with gout prevents the accumulation of urate stones in the kidneys and reduces the risk of accumulation of urate crystals in the joints and periarticular space, which reduces the risk of seizures.

ALKALURINE Dosage and method of administration:

A flat measuring spoon is dissolved by stirring in a glass of water, compote or non-carbonated juice and drunk after a meal. This procedure is repeated one to three times a day. The number of daily intakes is determined individually by controlling the acidity of the urine.

Urine acidity control.

For a start, it is recommended to take one measuring spoon of the product in three consecutive days, morning and evening / in the above-mentioned way /. On the fourth day, 3-4 hours after the morning intake, the acidity of the urine is measured with the indicator paper.

ALKALURINE Using indicator papers:

Separate into a small well-washed and rinsed with plenty of water and a well-dried cup of urine. Wait fifteen minutes to cool to room temperature. Dip the yellow end of the indicator paper into the urine for 10-15 seconds. After 3-4 minutes, read the color of the indicator. Changing the color of the indicator from yellow to green indicates that your urine is alkaline. The lack of color change indicates that the alkalizer dose should be increased. Increasing the dose to about 18 grams / 4 measuring spoons / per day is not dangerous for your health.

The measurement of the acidity of the urine with the indicator papers in the set is for guidance only. To determine the exact numerical value of pH / numerical indicator of acidity / you should contact a clinical laboratory. Urine is alkalized when the pH is 6.2 to 6.8.

Your condition may require the pH to be higher than the range shown. For each specific case, consult your doctor!

This product is an adjunct to the treatment of kidney stones, gout and cystitis symptoms. It is in your best interest to seek medical advice.