ALLERGICAL x 20 effervescent tablets oral supplements calcium, zinc and quercetin


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  • ALLERGICAL is a product designed for use in adults who received oral supplements calcium, zinc and quercetin in the body, reducing the symptoms of allergy in the form of itching, runny nose, rash.

The composition of the recommended daily servings for consumption (2 tablets): Calcium 600 mg (75 & ZDS), 120 mg of quercetin, zinc 10 mg (100% RDA).

The product belongs to a wide group of complex measures to complement the body's levels of calcium, zinc and quercetin.Calcium is an important component needed to properly proceeded muscle function, growth and regeneration of bone tissue and blood clotting. Reduces the permeability of capillaries and cell membranes reducing allergic to change. It helps keep-compliant neurotransmission. Zinc stimulates the body's defense mechanisms resulting in increased production of antibodies.

It is recommended to use the product in the case of seasonal allergic cases with symptoms such as rash, itching, runny nose. Use in adults.

Take orally. Use in adults at a dose of 1 tablet. x 2 / 24h, when dissolved in a glass of cold water.