ALLERGO-AZELIND Doppelherz eye drops

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ALLERGO-AZELIND 0.5mg/ml eye drops, drops

pack size:6ml Dosage form:eye drop

When nature wakes up again after the long, dark winter and everything starts to sprout, that is a reason for most people to celebrate. Unless you are allergic and suffer from pollen year after year. Constant sneezing, a runny nose and watery eyes are often very distressing for those affected. Often there is also a feeling of exhaustion, because the immune system of allergy sufferers is working at full speed to fight the invading pollen. When your eyes are itchy, red, watery and burning due to an allergic reaction, you want help quickly. The active ingredient azelastine in the ALLERGO-AZELIND eye drops from DoppelherzPharma blocks the binding sites of the inflammatory messenger histamine, which triggers the unpleasant allergy symptoms, and thus provides particularly rapid relief.

• For the treatment and prevention of eye problems caused by hay fever
• Strong, local anti-allergic effect

Read the package leaflet ALLERGO-AZELIND Doppelherz eye drops on risks and side effects and ask your doctor or pharmacist.