Allergo-loges allergy rash, hay fever drops

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Allergo-loges allergy rash, hay fever drops

Pack size:50 ml Dosage form:drops

allergoLoges ® drops

areas of application: The application is derived from the homeopathic drug pictures .

These include: allergies, especially allergic skin diseases, hay fever.

Warning: drops contain 52% alcohol by volume.

Active allergy rash, hay fever ingredients

  • 33 mg Acidum formicicum D4
  • 33 mg Apis mellifica D4
  • 8 mg Cardiospermum halicacabum D2
  • 33 mg Thryallis glauca D3
  • 40 mg Centella asiatica D3
  • 40 mg Luffa operculata D4

Auxiliary allergy rash, hay fever materials

  • Ethanol

allergo-loges® - special homeopathic combination:

  • Very well tolerated
  • Can help with a wide variety of allergy symptoms

allergo-loges® - the natural complex against allergies

The substances that can trigger allergies are diverse - and the allergic reactions are in no way inferior to them in their diversity. A runny nose, sneezing attacks, reddened eyes, itchy skin or shortness of breath are typical representatives of an allergy.

But as different as the reactions of the skin and the mucous membranes are, Dr. Loges has a means ready to take on all overreactions: allergo-loges® - one against all

allergo-loges® contains a finely tuned, unique combination of homeopathic active ingredients. Sponge cucumber, fence vines, formic acid, honeybee, heart seed and water hub have found sensible dosages in allergo-loges® and thus help to improve all typical allergic complaints.