Allergoff neutralizer allergens house dust spray 400ml, cat allergies

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  • To alleviate the symptoms of allergy to house dust mites and pets should not only fight the symptoms, but the cause. For this purpose, reach for the spray Allergoff neutralizing allergens house dust, which will significantly reduce the intensity of allergens in the home.

methylcellulose, poly (vinyl alcohol), citric acid, isopropyl myristate, benzyl benzoate, colloidal silica.

Spray Allergoff neutralizer allergens house dust is a product that is useful in many homes. Unique active substances limiting the volatility of house dust mites reduce exposure to respiratory allergens. This reduces the risk of developing the disease and the symptoms are alleviated in the course of allergy. Just one spray application provides long - even six - protective effect. This is possible through the use of polymer microcapsules are gradually released inhibiting components allergens. Operation of the microcapsules includes changing the chemical structure of irritant particles, whereby they lose the ability to cause the symptoms of allergy. Spray should be sprayed onto a surface gathering dust, for example. Beds, stuffed animals. The product is characterized by a high degree of safety and neutral smell.

Allergoff neutralizer allergens house dust spray recommended to reduce the risk of developing allergies and an adjunct in the treatment of allergies as a product diminishes the intensity of airborne allergens and alleviating the symptoms of the disease. Spray designed to eliminate allergens house dust and allergens of animal origin.

Additional information:
Do not use orally. Do not use after the expiration date.

For external use only. Spray everyday items such as carpets, curtains, beds, pillows, car upholstery and plush toys. 400ml spray is sufficient for spraying 40 square meters.