ALLERGY-Check x 1 piece, allergy testing - Allergy Blood Test


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  • Type of plate test for detecting high levels of IgE antibodies in the blood - ALLERGY-Check Test. The test is part of a preliminary allergy diagnosis, plus it will be helpful in detecting parasitic infections.

Test plate (1pc), plastic pipette (1pc), sachet with humidifier (1pc), bottle with dropper containing 1ml of diluent (1pc), sterile lancet (blood stump).

People who are allergic to home-based allergy tests may check their presumptions at home with the ALLERGY-Check! This is a professional test with high accuracy and reliability.While the test serves to diagnose general allergies in the home, it can be successfully used in rapid hospital or laboratory diagnostics. Testing using a test helps detect elevated IgE antibody levels in a blood sample. The finding of higher antibody levels should provide an introduction to further research and diagnostics in terms of finding a specific allergen.The test will also work as a helper in parasitic diseases, as elevated IgE levels may also appear in parasitic infections.

Medical device ALLERGY-Check is recommended for use in the initial diagnosis of allergies, as well as in the case of parasitic diseases.

Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature. Single use test.

How to use:
Read the product instructions carefully before use. Wash your hands, remove all items from the package. Disinfect your finger with the puncture pad, press the tip, fill the pipette with blood (until the mark is marked).Compose the entire contents in the appropriate place on the test plate. Wait 10 minutes and read the result.

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