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ALLEVYN Gentle Border 7.5x7.5 cm foam connector

kohlpharma GmbH

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ALLEVYN Gentle Border 7.5x7.5 cm foam connector

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ALLEVYN Gentle Border is a highly absorbent and gently adhesive wound dressing.
The hydrocellular foam supports the care of wounds with moderate to heavy exudation and maintains an ideally moist wound environment.

Thanks to the full-surface silicone coating, ALLEVYN Gentle Border is also very suitable for sensitive skin and offers a secure hold. Thanks to the bacteria-proof, waterproof and breathable outer film, daily showering is not restricted.

The gentle silicone coating of ALLEVYN Gentle Border ensures a gentle hold and atraumatic dressing changes, minimizing pain for the patient.
ALLEVYN Gentle Border offers a high level of comfort and suppleness thanks to the stretch and flexibility of the material used. Easy to put on and remove ensures easy handling.
ALLEVYN Gentle Border is suitable for use on sensitive skin.
The bandage adheres to the entire healthy skin without damaging the wound itself.

Properties and benefits
- 35% faster absorption, even of viscous exudate
- improved wound contact layer with ø 43% larger pores

For your patients - wounds heal faster.

Less pain
Gentle adhesion, less maceration and skin irritation

High wearing comfort
Soft, flexible and cuddly, latex-free formulation

More quality of life
Bacterial and waterproof outer film enables daily showering

For you - save time and money.

More safety
Safe germ barrier (MRSA) and dynamic exudate management for an ideal, moist wound environment

Cost and time savings
Fewer dressing changes thanks to dressing times of up to 7 days Supports economical wound care

Easy to use and treat difficult parts of the body
Stable shape, no secondary fixation necessary

Areas of application
Pressure ulcers
Leg ulcers
Infected wounds
Diabetic ulcer
Surgical wounds
First and second degree burns
Split-thickness skin donor sites