Allochol - 50 tablets. Secretion of bile, gallstones, liver support


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Allochol is a preparation that stimulates the production and secretion of bile.

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The mechanism of action is caused by reflexes from intestine mucosa, and the influence of active drug substances acting on the activity of the secretory function of the liver. Allochol increases the amount of secreted bile, activates secretory and motor functions of gastrointestinal tract, reduces processes of rotting and fermentation in an intestine. Allochol can serve as an agent of replaceable therapy at endogenous deficiency of bile acids.


Allochol can also be used in cases of chronic reactive hepatitis, inflammation of the bile duct, gallbladder, indigestion in the bile tracts, constipation. The benefits of taking Allochol are wide-ranging, and it has been used to treat several conditions, including:

- Chronic cholecystitis;

- Uncomplicated cholelithiasis (gallstones);

- Gallbladder dyskinesia;

- Postcholecystectomy syndrome.

Ingredients and Directions for use

One tablet contains: dried animal bile, garlic, nettle leaves, activated carbon.

Adults and children over 14 years should take 1-2 tablets 3-4 times per day during meals.

Course duration: 1 month. Course can be repeated if necessary.