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Pack size:100mlDosage form:emulsion

Aloe Vera Cleansing Emulsion

Santaverde - Aloe instead of Aqua
classic - Flexible care for every skin need

• cleanses mildly and gently
• gently loosens dead skin cells
• protects against loss of moisture
• leaves the skin feeling supple

The creamy cleansing emulsion cleanses mildly and gently, thoroughly removing make-up from the skin dirt and prepares it ideally for subsequent care. Pure aloe vera juice protects the skin from moisture loss. Apple juice gently loosens dead skin cells. Coconut and sesame oil have a moisturizing effect and protect the sensitive hydro-lipid balance. Leaves the skin feeling supple. Particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

The secret of Santaverde cosmetics is pure, uniquely active aloe vera juice from our own, controlled organic cultivation in Andalusia. We use pure juice instead of the usual main component, water, in our recipes, supplemented by valuable plant oils and extracts. This is how we create a unique effect for the health and beauty of your skin.

All cosmetic products bear the NATRUE seal for certified natural cosmetics, the Leaping Bunny seal as a symbol against animal testing and the seal of the Vegan Society. Free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives.

Skin condition
• normal
• stressed and sensitive
• dry
• mature and demanding

Apply to damp facial skin in the morning and evening and massage gently. Then wash off with plenty of warm water.

Emulsify cleaning in your hands with a little water beforehand.

Active ingredients
Aloe Vera juice
• moisturizing
• anti-inflammatory
• stimulates cell regeneration

Apple juice
• cell-strengthening
• invigorating
• protects the collagen supporting tissue

Coconut oil
• restorative
• nourishing
• elasticity- promoting
• moisturizing and preserving
• cooling
• nourishing
• keeps the skin supple

Sesame oil
• nourishing
• regenerating

Aloe Vera juice*, apple juice*, coconut oil*, vegetable. Fatty alcohol, sesame oil*, alcohol*, vegetable. Emulsifier, sodium lactate, xanthan gum, vegetable. Polyglycerol fatty acid ester, vegetable. Levulinic acid, vegetable Sodium levulinate, vegetable Sodium phytate, lactic acid, vegetable. Glycerin, vegetable Anisic acid, vegetable Glycerol fatty acid esters, sodium hydroxide, natural apricot scent.

The following applies to all ingredients: The declarations on the packaging are decisive.