ALOE VERA GEL KräuterhoF 96% 200ml.


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ALOE VERA GEL KräuterhoF. Aloe Barbadensis Miller (or Aloe Vera) - this is the name of one of over 200 known varieties of the popular aloe plant. And the only one that has healing and beautifying properties, proven by time and traditional healing practices of peoples from different parts of the world.

The oldest writings on aloe vera take us back to ancient times, all the way to Sumerian civilization. An inscription on a plaque dating from 2100 BC tells of its almost miraculous healing power. The wives of Egyptian pharaohs, the text claims, regularly used aloe in their daily beauty rituals. Ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese and Indian doctors and healers literally adore its incomparable healing properties.

And they were right, modern science confirms. The composition of the gel found in the leaves of this succulent plant is unique. In short:

-Enzymes - take care of the renewal of the skin, its health and beauty.

-20 amino acids (including 7 of the 8 "essential"). Amino acids help build proteins in the human body.

-Precious minerals, such as germanium - with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.

-Zinc - has an excellent effect on acne.

-Saponins - glucosides with antiseptic action. Highly effective against microbes, bacteria, fungi.

-Amazing cocktail of vitamins - A, C, E, all from the so-called. B-group and others.

-Lignin - a cellulosic substance that provides rapid and deep penetration of nourishing and moisturizing components into the tissues.


Aloe vera gel is applied topically for minor burns, wounds, abrasions, rashes and inflammations, insect bites and more. to avoid infection. The gel has the ability to relieve pain and support cell renewal of the skin , while minimizing the risk of scarring. Helps reduce wrinkles , effectively fights eczema , acne , sun spots or age-related, as well as any skin imperfections. Physiotherapists regularly apply aloe vera gel in their practice. Fine and extremely gentle on the skin, it is especially suitable for the highly sensitive skin of patients undergoing radiation therapy.

Massage gel with 96% aloe vera at ASAM GmbH. - with it your skin will never be thirsty again…

A pleasant, easy and affordable way to enjoy the beneficial effects of aloe vera on your skin day after day. Intensively hydrates and nourishes the skin, saturates it with valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It absorbs almost instantly and you can get dressed immediately.

ALOE VERA GEL KräuterhoF Application:

· After the daily shower or bath - to soften the skin and keep it supple and fresh.

· After sports - to restore the balance of moisture in the skin after profuse sweating.

· After a sauna or solarium - such procedures severely dehydrate the skin. Massage gel with 96% aloe vera will moisturize and nourish it in depth.

· After sunbathing - with its natural ability to cool, aloe vera will gently soothe sun-irritated skin.

· In case of insect bites

· For shallow cuts, abrasions, abrasions of the skin

· For acne, mild infections or eczema

· For spots and other small defects on the skin of the body and face.


A way of use ALOE VERA GEL KräuterhoF :

Apply with a light massage on clean and dry skin.