ALPENKRÄUTER Balsam Lacure 200 ml

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ALPENKRÄUTER Balsam Lacure 200ml, Alpine cream is a 100% German product, made according to the traditional recipes from carefully selected herbs from the Alpine landscapes designed to alleviate pain.

ALPENKRÄUTER Balsam Lacure 200ml Purpose:
It is very for:
back pain and stiffness
rheumatic diseases and muscles and joints pain
recovery after fractures, sprains and strains
pain and stiffness of the neck
arm pain
knees, shoulders and hip injuries
a headache
bad circulation
reduction of swelling or an insect bites

ALPENKRÄUTER Balsam Lacure 200ml Basic characteristics:

It has a pleasant smell, it is of a light blue colour and the skin quickly absorbes it. The basic component is of natural origin and contains over 20 plant species (mint, Siberian pine needles, eucalyptus, lavender, etc.).

ALPENKRÄUTER Balsam Lacure 200ml Properties and effects:

It helps with the poor circulation, relieves the neck pain and stiffness as well as back pain, it helps with recovery after fractures, with sprains and strains, with the knee, shoulder and hip injuries. It is effective in rheumatic diseases and muscles and joints pain.
Alpine cream, because of its efficiency, has application in the world of sports where it is applied during massages after sports injuries, inflammation and muscle strains. You only need to rub cream on the sore spot, and after a few minutes, you will notice a change. The pain will disappear or be significantly reduced.

Keep in a dark room, out of children's reach.
Shelf-life indicated on the packaging.
Additional product information:
Product: ALPENKRÄUTER Balsam Lacure - emulsion of alpine grass
Manufacturer: Lloyd GmbH, Germany
Quantity: 200ml