ALPHABELLADONNA, Echinacea, Aconitum napellus, Atropa belladonna

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ALPHABELLADONNA S, Echinacea, Aconitum napellus, Atropa belladonna oral drops

pack size:100ml Dosage form:oral drops

active ingredients
Echinacea angustifolia , Mercury soluble Hahnemanni , Aconitum napellus , Atropa belladonna , Cephaelis

Echinacea angustifolia benefits:

Generic Name: echinacea angustifolia

Echinacea has been used for virus infections such as the common cold and flu. It is used to strengthen the immune system. It has also been used for returning vaginal fungal infections ("yeast infections") along with antifungal products applied to the vaginal area.

Mercury soluble Hahnemanni benefits:

The efficacy of Mercurius solubilis, an homeopathic medication, for the treatment of periodontal disease

Aconitum napellus benefits:

Extracts of Aconitum species have been given orally in traditional medicine to reduce fever associated with colds, pneumonia, laryngitis, croup, and asthma; for pain, inflammation, and high blood pressure; as a diuretic; to cause sweating; to slow heart rate; and for sedation.

Atropa belladonna benefits:

Though widely regarded as unsafe, belladonna is taken by mouth as a sedative, to stop bronchial spasms in asthma and whooping cough, and as a cold and hay fever remedy. It is also used for Parkinson's disease, colic, inflammatory bowel disease, motion sickness, and as a painkiller.