Alpika cream 60g baby dermatitis

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  • Baby dermatitis. Alpika cream is especially recommended for skin care baby cream as protection against diaper dermatitis. and in the prevention and mitigation of the effects of skin inflammation in the course of urinary incontinence.
zinc oxide, D-panthenol, marigold extract, bisabolol, almond oil
Action: Leather baby who wears a diaper is exposed to the irritant action of enzymes derived from feces and urine, since the diaper acts as a compress, retains moisture which causes the skin it is more susceptible to abrasion. Thanks to the active ingredients, the cream exhibits a multifaceted antiseptic, regenerating and anti-inflammatory. Prevents irritation of the skin, and if they occur helps the healing process, while alleviating pain and reducing the itching.The skin is moisturised and preserves firmness. The upside is that the cream will not clog pores, so the skin can breathe naturally.
How to use: Lubricate changed skin several times a day