ALPINE MOTOSAFE earplugs Tour hearing protection for motorcyclists

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ALPINE MOTOSAFE Tour hearing protection for motorcyclists, ALPINE MOTOSAFE earplugs

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As a leader in the motorcycle market with many years of experience, Alpine was able to develop a unique line of hearing protection products specifically for motorcyclists. The earplugs are equipped with extra soft filters.
Due to their special shape, they fit under every helmet and ensure a very comfortable fit. With these three products, Alpine is making entry into high-quality hearing protection with filters easier and more accessible for a broad target group.

Optimal attenuation
MotoSafe® earplugs attenuate harmful noise without leaving you feeling isolated. Thanks to the innovative AlpineAcousticFilter ™, traffic, navigation systems, on-board intercoms and motorbikes remain sufficiently audible.

Alpine MotoSafe® is available in different versions so that the cushioning can be adapted to the respective use. For example, more damping is required on the racetrack than on touring.

- MotoSafe® Tour: ideal for e.g. touring trips, on vacation and on the motorway

- MotoSafe® Race: ideal on the motorway, the race track or with an open helmet

- MotoSafePro®: consists of a complete set of MotoSafe® Tour and MotoSafe® Race earplugs . Ideal for choosing the cushioning for the respective use yourself.

Unique material for the greatest comfort
The Alpine MotoSafe® earplugs are made from the durable and flexible AlpineThermoShape ™ material. Due to the body heat, the soft material adapts completely to the ear canal and, together with the soft filters, ensures that the earplugs sit perfectly under the helmet. The AlpineThermoShape ™ material does not contain any silicone and therefore does not cause any allergic reactions. The earplugs can therefore be worn all day without any problems.

Practical transport
bag The earplugs are supplied with a practical transport bag as standard. You can simply attach the case to your key ring or put it in your pocket so that your earplugs are always close at hand.

Unique product
features • Prevents hearing damage
• Dampens harmful noise and prevents fatigue caused by wind noise
• The AlpineAcousticFilter ™ ensures that traffic, motorcycle and on-board intercom remain sufficiently audible
• In Tour, Race and Pro version: the right damping for every motorcyclist
• AlpineThermoShape ™ material for a perfect fit
• Supplied with practical transport
bag • No feeling of being closed
• No silicone
• Reusable