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ALPINE MUFFY Earmuffs Baby

Pack size: 1 pc

Protect your baby's or toddler's ears with the Alpine Muffy Baby. Children's hearing is vulnerable. And noise is more harmful than you might think. The Alpine Muffy Baby earmuffs prevent hearing damage in babies. For example at parties, elevators, festivals, fairs, fireworks and car and motorcycle races.

Sleep well on the go
The Alpine Muffy Baby also ensures that your child can sleep undisturbed on the go. It is ideal when, for example, going to a restaurant or during a trip. Babies and toddlers who are overwhelmed by noise can also benefit from the ear muffs.

Unique product features

  • Protects babies and toddlers from harmful noise and loud music
  • SNR 23dB
  • Recommended for babies and young children up to 36 months
  • Prevents overexcitement from noise and nothing stands in the way of the little ones sleep on the way
  • Easily adjustable and always fits
  • Very comfortable thanks to the soft elastic headband
  • Do not put pressure on the little one's head
  • The only safe CE marked earmuffs in Europe for babies
  • Available in two colors
  • Two headbands are included as standard
  • Headband can be easily detached for washing
  • Does not contain any metal parts (and can therefore also be used for MR scans)
  • With practical Protect & Go pouch for storage

Comfortable and always fits
The size of the soft, elastic headband is easily adjustable with a practical Velcro fastener. Simply slide the two individual ear flaps onto the headband. Then they are fastened in the right place.

Complies with European safety regulations
The Alpine Muffy Baby is the only hearing protector for babies and toddlers that is CE certified. This means that the earmuffs meet all legal requirements of the European Union in the field of safety, health and the environment.

Hip design
The Alpine Muffy Baby is available with a pink and white striped headband and a blue and white striped headband. Both versions come with an extra gray and white headband. The white ear flaps are padded with very soft foam on the inside.

Protect & Go bag
There is a matching, white Protect & Go bag in each packaging, in which the Alpine Muffy Baby can be conveniently stored and taken along in a hygienic way.