ALPINE MUFFY earmuffs baby pink

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ALPINE MUFFY earmuffs baby pink

Pack size: 1 pc

The Alpine Muff y Baby were designed so that the headband is never too tight. In this way, the hearing protection never exerts too much pressure on the small head. The soft, elastic headband can be easily adjusted individually thanks to its Velcro fastener. The two separate capsules can easily be pushed onto the headband in order to then attach them in the right position. This unique earmuff is suitable for babies and toddlers. For older children there is the Alpine Muff y.

Fast design
The Alpine Muff y Baby is available with a pink and white striped and a blue and white striped headband. Both variants are supplied with an additional white and gray headband as standard. The white earmuffs have a beautiful, oval shape and have a particularly soft foam on the inside.

Protect & Go bag
The pack includes a free Protect & Go bag. This is particularly practical for hygienically storing the Alpine Muff y Baby and taking it with you.

Unique product features
• Suitable for babies and toddlers from 3 to 36 months
• Protects against harmful noise and loud music
• Prevents irritation from noise and promotes an undisturbed sleep when traveling
• Easily adjustable, grows with the child's head
• Very comfortable thanks to the soft headband
• Does not exert any pressure on the head
• The only CE-marked earmuff
for babies in Europe
• Available in two colors
• The scope of delivery includes two headbands as standard
• The headband can be easily removed and washed
• Does not contain any metal components (can therefore also be used for MRI scans)
• With a practical Protect & Go storage bag
• Dutch design