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ALPINE MUFFY earmuffs yellow / smile

Alpine Nederland BV

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ALPINE MUFFY earmuffs yellow / smile

Pack size:1 pc

The Alpine Muff y Smile earmuff has been specially developed so that children can concentrate on learning and reading, at school and at home. The earmuff can of course also be used to protect you against too much noise, including at parties, elevators, fireworks, car and motorcycle races and music concerts.

Suitable for every child
The robust and comfortable Alpine Muff y Smile are made of high quality plastic. Thanks to the adjustable brackets, which are covered with soft material, the Muff y fit perfectly on every child's head and the earmuffs can "grow" with the child. After using the earmuffs, they can be folded up and simply fit in the drawer or school bag. The Alpine Muff y earmuffs are suitable for children of all ages. However, we recommend that children younger than 2 years should not wear them.

Hip design
The cheerful, yellow color and the laughing smiley print ensure that both boys and girls in class will love to wear the earmuff.

Protect & Go bag
Alpine has designed a special bag in which the earmuff can be stored practically and hygienically. Each pack comes with a free Protect & Go bag.

• Very comfortable thanks to the soft handle
• Adjustable, grows with the head
• Foldable, easy to take with you / to store
• In three different colors, for boys and girls
• Robust and hard-wearing, very good quality
• Easy to clean
• With free Protect & Go storage bag
• SNR value 25dB