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ALPINE MUFFY girls earmuffs white

Alpine Nederland BV

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ALPINE MUFFY girls earmuffs white

Pack size: pc

The Alpine Muffy have been specially developed for small, sensitive children's ears and can be used in many noisy situations, including at parties, fireworks, car and motorcycle rides and music concerts. These children's earmuffs are also ideal for promoting concentration while studying and reading at home and at school.

Fits every child
The robust and comfortable Alpine Muffy are made of high quality plastic. Thanks to the adjustable brackets, which are covered with soft material, the muffies fit perfectly on every child's head and the earmuffs can "grow" with the child. The Alpine Muffy earmuffs are suitable for children of all ages. However, we recommend that children younger than 2 years should not wear them.

Lively design
The Alpine Muffy is available in pink, blue, black and white.
All four types have a striped, soft handle. This product has a Dutch design.

Protect & Go bag
Alpine has designed a special bag in which the earmuffs can be stored practically and hygienically. Each pack comes with a free Protect & Go bag.

Unique product features
• Very comfortable thanks to the soft handle
• Adjustable, grows with
your head • Foldable, easy to take with you / store
• In four different colors, for boys and girls
• Robust and hard-wearing, very good quality
• Dutch design
• Easy to clean
• With free Protect & Go storage
bag • SNR value 25dB