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Pack size: 2 pc
Ideal earplugs for going out

After going out, many people come home with an annoying peep in their ears.
The loud music and the screaming to be able to communicate was just too much of a good thing. If this happens more frequently, there is a risk of permanent hearing damage and persistent beeping in the ear. Alpine has developed the PartyPlug earplugs for this purpose. These earplugs attenuate the volume of the music without losing quality. With these earplugs, music fans can enjoy concerts, parties, festivals or other music events and protect their ears in a pleasant way.

Revolutionary model of earplugs
Twenty years of experience has enabled Alpine to develop an ideal new model of earplugs. The very well thought out and extensively tested shape of the earplugs ensures natural, ache cushioning and an excellent fit.

AlpineAcousticFilters - No more beeping in your ear!
The high-quality AlpineAcousticFilters in the PartyPlug earplugs reduce the volume of the music to a safe level and thus prevent annoying beeping in the ear. It's like turning the volume control down. It is also still possible to have a conversation. And thanks to the transparent filters, the earplugs are barely visible in the ear.

Very comfortable AlpineThermoShape material
PartyPlug hearing protectors are made from the special AlpineThermoShape material. This material adapts its shape to that of the ear so that the earplugs fit snugly into the ear canal and stay in the right place in the ear. That's why they sit very comfortably. AlpineThermoShape is hypoallergenic, which prevents itching in and around the ears. The earplugs can easily be worn all day or all night.

Alpine Miniboxx In
addition to a practical storage box, the PartyPlug packaging also contains a cool AlpineMiniboxx. This practical capsule can be easily taken with you when going out and opened with one hand.

• Prevents hearing damage
• No more annoying beeping in the ear
• Music quality remains optimal thanks to the unique AlpineAcousticFilters
• Conversations can still be followed
• Very soft AlpineThermoShape material, so ideal fit
• No silicone
• With Alpine Miniboxx for easy take-away
• Barely visible in the ear
• Reusable