ALTA Foot cream 100ml, athletes foot cure


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  • ALTA Foot Cream is a remarkable beauty product that works in the prevention of fungal infection and excessive sweating feet.Responsible for softening the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, refreshes and shields.

extracts of sweet flag, sage, calendula and tea tree oil

The cream is one of the broad category of dermo-cosmetics intended for use on the skin of the feet. It is characterized by a unique natural composition. It contains extracts of sweet flag, sage, calendula and tea tree oil, which favorably affect the condition of the feet. They help to soften the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they work refreshing and osłaniająco. It works with hyperhidrosis feet and in the prevention of fungal infection.

- allergic to the ingredients of the product

It is recommended that the topical application of the cream. Recommended for excessive sweating and for prevention of athlete's foot.

Usage. :
Use externally. Apply on clean and dry skin of the feet.