ALTE Forte syrup 125g prawoślazowy, 12 years+ throat irritation, sore throat remedies


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  • ALTE Forte prawoślazowy syrup is a product of natural origin, which checks in the case of infections of the upper respiratory tract, running from cough. It soothes irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat and cough.

Active ingredient: 100 g of syrup contain 36 g of aqueous maceration of 6 g marshmallow root (althaeae radicis Maceratio 5:36), the extractant C. After water and ethanol (47.9: 1) excipient - benzoic acid.

Syrup prawoślazowy belongs to a class of drugs characterized by the natural composition, responsible for relieving the discomfort associated with upper respiratory tract infection. Neutralizes cough and irritation. Invests protective layer lining of the mouth and throat. It contains marshmallow root, which is coated soothes and protects.

It is recommended to take the preparation for rhinitis upper respiratory tract accompanied by coughing and throat irritation.

For oral use. For adults and adolescents over 12 years of age use 10 ml syrup x 6/24, in children over 6 years of age 5 ml x 5/24, and in children aged 3-6 years given 5 ml x 3/24.