ALTRA x 20 capsules for the liver and biliary follicle


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ALTRA x 20 capsules for the liver and biliary follicle

  • ALTRA. Dietary supplement ALTRA are seven active ingredients selected so as to provide comprehensive support for the liver and biliary follicle.The product not only improve the functioning of the liver and the digestive process, but also cleanse the body of toxins.

Ingredients ALTRA:
Phospholipids of soy, vegetable fat (including soybean oil and cocoa butter), root extract ostryżu long, artichoke leaf extract, chlorella extract of the herb Brahmi extract Andrographis paniculata leaf extract, milk thistle seed. Ingredients of the capsule: gelatin, iron oxides and hydroxides (dyes), and titanium dioxide.

ALTRA Action:
Carefully selected natural extracts help control problems with the digestive system and keep the liver and gall bladder in good condition. Extract with ostryżu long prevents build-up of fatty deposits in the liver. Help in detoxification and proper liver function will provide an extract of the herb artichoke leaf extract Andrographis paniculata extract and milk thistle seed, which also will help the natural process of detoxification. Chlorella favorably affects not only the liver, but in the gallbladder. In addition, it will accelerate the purification of the body. Herb Brahmi will take care of the good condition of the gallbladder.

ALTRA Applications:
Dietary supplement ALTRA recommended for people with digestive problems and as an aid to detoxify the body.

Additional information ALTRA:
This product contains soy and derivatives. The product contains milk and products thereof.

Take orally. Adults: 1 capsule 2 times a day.