AMBRAX tablets 100 pc Nervous disorders

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AMBRAX ® tablets

Areas of application
The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures . These include: Nervous disorders

If the nervous disorders persist, as with all unclear complaints, a doctor should be consulted, as the diseases may be that require medical clarification.

AMBRAX Composition Medicinally
active ingredients:
Sepia Trit. D4 | 64.0 mg
ambergris trit. D2 | 64.0 mg
Hyoscyamus Trit. D3 | 32.0 mg
Strychnos ignatii Trit. D3 | 32.0 mg

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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• dissolves
• stabilizes
• harmonizes

AMBRAX ® is a homeopathic combination drug that has a unique combination of active ingredients. Its areas of application are nervous disorders and it enables a harmonization of body and mind. Nervous disorders, such as difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep or circulatory problems, cause z. B. by depressive moods, burnout or menopausal symptoms, lie down. As a result of the regained balance, healthy, restful sleep can be achieved in the evening.

• is well tolerated
• does not cause daytime sleepiness
• does not make you addicted
• changes and side effects are not known

AMBRAX ® solves - calm returns
Stress arises as a reaction of our body to a challenge that takes us beyond the usual extent. If stress becomes a constant burden, it puts our body in a constant state of alarm, which demands a lot of energy and attacks our power reserves. Restlessness, nervousness, irritability and mental exhaustion up to burn-out are the result. It is not uncommon for physical side effects such as tiredness, sleep disorders, concentration disorders, abdominal discomfort, nervous anxiety in the chest and feelings of anxiety to be added.

AMBRAX ® has a supportive effect in order to be able to master everyday life relaxed again with calm and serenity.

AMBRAX ® stabilized - restores inner balance in
unusual situations What to do when extraordinary situations and living conditions are nerve-wracking? When an exam or flight is coming up, menopause turns everything upside down, or the relationship is stressful?

Once inner calm is restored, one can also cope with the special demands of life.

AMBRAX ® harmonizes - healthy sleep without daytime sleepiness
The daily demands of our social and professional environment often lead to excessive demands. Nervousness, inner restlessness and insomnia are the result. How nice would it be to take a break. Unfortunately, when we finally have time to relax, the spiral of thought turns all the faster. The longed-for, urgently needed night's sleep does not want to come.

Peaceful sleep at night brings back energy and performance for the day.

AMBRAX ® - well tolerated and does not make you dependent
AMBRAX ® contains harmoniously coordinated active ingredients from sepia, ambergris, henbane and Ignatius bean . It is their interaction that makes AMBRAX ® to a well-tolerated homeopathic combination drug. There are no known interactions or side effects with other preparations. Even with long-term use, AMBRAX ® does not make you dependent, and there are no withdrawal symptoms, even if you stop taking it abruptly .