Ambulex Vinyl Gloves non-sterile powder free Size S x 100 pieces


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  • Vinyl Gloves. Made of polyvinyl chloride gloves Ambulex Vinyl non-sterile powder free. Latex-free product, recommended for people who suffer from a latex allergic reaction. Gloves for use during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Operation and use:
Vinyl gloves treatment for use in the performance of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, but should only be used to perform the procedures low risk of infection, i.e. without the presence of such body fluids and blood and chemicals. Gloves are not powdered, but from the inside are covered with a polymer that will allow even wear gloves on wet hands. Thanks to the smooth surface of the touch sensitivity is maintained. Universal design fits the left and right hand. Gloves size S.

Additional information:
This product is free of latex.

Use as directed.