Ambulex Vinyl gloves powdered non sterile size of M x 100 pieces


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  • Vinyl gloves. Economic package (100 pieces) Ambulex Vinyl Gloves, non-sterile powdered. Gloves made of polyvinyl chloride, which is why they are especially recommended for people allergic to latex. Designed for use in the treatment rooms.

Operation and use:
Vinyl gloves are usually used to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. However, due to their composition and properties are recommended to perform the procedures only a low risk of infection, that is, without the presence of body fluids, blood or chemicals. Gloves for ease of attachment and as a natural powdered corn starch. Their shape is universal, it fits both hands. The material from which they are made does not impair the tactile sensitivity. This product will also apply at home as a protection for sensitive hand skin. Gloves size M.

Additional information:
Does not contain natural rubber latex. Disposable product.

For use as intended.