AMFLEE combo 268 / 241.2mg solution for dogs 20-40kg

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AMFLEE combo 268 / 241.2mg Lsg.z. Auf.f.Hunde 20-40kg

Pack size:3 pc Dosage form:solution

Ticks are dangerous parasites because they transmit many dangerous diseases such as Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease and Babesiosis as well as other, rather rare diseases. These diseases can also be transmitted to humans. The treatment of these diseases is often lengthy and often leads to long-term health problems and sometimes even death in animals and humans. Fleas are also dangerous parasites as the animals can develop allergies to their stings, but they also transmit dog tapeworm, a parasite that is common in our environment.

A wide variety of tick and flea protection products are available for dogs. The best known are collars, sprays, shampoos and spot-on preparations. The latter are the most modern type of external parasite control. Fipronil can definitely be ranked among the most successful. It is used worldwide and its effectiveness and safety have been proven several times. After simply applying it to one point (in the neck of the animal), the unique mode of action enables the agent to spread over the entire body of the animal. Fipronil accumulates on the lipid components of the skin and in the hair follicles and is continuously released from there to the skin and coat. It provides long-lasting protection against external parasites and its effectiveness is retained even after a bath.

In order to achieve effective tick and flea control, it is very important that the pet owner discuss this issue with their veterinarian.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your veterinarian or pharmacist. 

Warning noticeFor information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your veterinarian or pharmacist.