AMIDROP eyewash 5ml x 6 pieces, bloodshot eyes, infections, pink eye treatment


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  • AMIDROP is a product that works to cleanse the mucous membrane, fights bacteria, fungi and viruses and reduces bloodshot eyes. In addition, it relieves hypersensitivity to excessive radiation from screens and monitors.

concentrated extract of cornflower 0.10% boric acid, sodium borate, sodium chloride, purified water qs 100% .Bez preservatives.

This product is intended for topical use includes, among others, boric acid and the extract of cornflower. As a result, it characterized by purifying action to the mucous membrane of the eye. Checks in case of irritation caused by the presence of foreign bodies or external factors. It shows antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. In addition, it limited bloodshot eyes, reduces inflammation, pulls and reduces sensitivity to intense radiation from the screens and monitors.

Use for the treatment of eye conjunctivitis, especially in the case of such symptoms as itching, burning, tearing and sensitivity to light.

Use intraocular x 1-6 / 24.