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  • Amla capsules. Amla Noble Health is a dietary supplement containing high quality Indian gooseberry fruit extract (Tannery foliage). In Ayurvedic medicine, it is an ingredient used as a support for digestive processes.

Ingredients of Amla Noble Health:

Indian gooseberry fruit extract (Emblica officinalis), gelatine.

The content of ingredients in two capsules (recommended daily dose): Indian gooseberry extract - 500mg.

Operation of Amla Noble Health:

Indian gooseberry, also called leafy tan flower, is the only active ingredient contained in the Amla Noble Health diet supplement, the formula does not contain additional substances, i.e. fillers, preservatives and dyes. Amla extract has digestive support properties.

Amla Noble Health dietary supplement intended for use as a supplement to the daily diet in a component that supports the digestive process.

Additional information: The dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation.

How to use Amla Noble Health capsules:

Recommended daily dose: two capsules. Capsules with water. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

Net weight: 19.74g