AMOROCUTAN, amorolfine, onychomycosis treatment


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AMOROCUTAN, amorolfine, onychomycosis treatment

Amorocutan 50 mg/ml medicated nail polish

Active substance: amorolfine.

Treatment of onychomycosis without matrix involvement (particularly in the distal area with an infestation below 80% of the nail surface) caused by dermatophytes and yeasts.

Do not ingest! Do not get in eyes! Flammable! Keep away from fire and flames!

For AMOROCUTAN, amorolfine, onychomycosis treatment risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Amorocutan 50 mg/ml nail polish containing active ingredients
Including a unique spatula holder for more convenience

✔ Can also be used under cosmetic nail polish
✔ Only use once a week - long-term effect
✔ Easy to use with a unique spatula holder
✔ Comfortable – serves as an extension
✔ Practical – large gripping surface
✔ Hygienic – allows the spatula

to be put down Amorocutan ® nail polish from Dermapharm is highly effective. It was specially developed for fungal diseases of the nails. The active ingredient amorolfine works against nail fungus down to the nail bed.

Works against nail fungus down to the nail bed
Amorocutan ® nail polish penetrates deep into the nail and fights nail fungus down to the nail bed. Only once a week
Due to the good long-term effect of Amorocutan ® nail polish against nail fungus, the nail polish only has to be used once a week.

AMOROCUTAN, amorolfine, onychomycosis treatment Waterproof
The nail polish is waterproof and seals the nail with it so that the effect is maintained when it comes into contact with water. These qualities support you in everyday life.

Apply AMOROCUTAN, amorolfine, onychomycosis treatment Amorocutan ® nail polish to the affected areas in the morning when showering, actively
doing sports and at work, and when swimming . After drying, the nails can be painted over with a cosmetic nail polish. The aesthetically beautiful nails contribute to more well-being. Easy to use The Amorocutan ® nail polish can be applied hygienically with the practical spatula holder and dries quickly. The long effectiveness over 7 days simplifies the treatment of nail fungus.

It's that easy:
1. Prepare nails Remove diseased parts of the nail surface as well as possible with a disposable file or scissors.
2. Clean nails Disinfect the nails with an alcohol swab. This will also remove any paint residue.
3. Apply nail polish Use a spatula to apply a thin layer of nail polish to the entire surface of the affected nail.
4. Spatula Cleaning After use, clean the spatula with an alcohol swab.

Your all-round AMOROCUTAN, amorolfine, onychomycosis treatment package:
Each pack also contains disposable files, alcohol swabs, spatulas and, exclusively, the unique spatula holder for hygienic and convenient use.