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nail fungus, Amorolfin acis ® 50 mg/ml active ingredient nail polish

Finally a solution for nail fungus that doesn't have to hide

Active ingredient: amorolfine.

Areas of application:
Amorolfin acis nail polish is used to treat nail fungus (caused by dermatophytes and yeasts) with an infestation of up to 80% of the nail (especially in the front area).

Flammable! Be kept away from fire and flames!

For nail fungus risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Amorolfin acis ®Nail varnish is indicated for the treatment of non-matrix nail mycoses (particularly in the distal area with an involvement of less than 80% of the nail surface) caused by dermatophytes and yeasts.

  • Used to treat fungal nail infections
  • For infections of toenails and fingernails
  • The nail polish is waterproof, showering and bathing is possible without restrictions.
  • for use in adults aged 18 and over.
  • When applied, Amorolfin acis ® nail polish penetrates into and through the nail plate and thus destroys even hard-to-reach fungi in the nail bed.
  • After applying Amorolfin acis ® nail polish and allowing it to dry for 10 minutes, a cosmetic nail polish can be applied.
  • The package of Amorolfin acis ® nail polish contains spatula holder, plastic spatula, disposable files and alcohol wipes.

What is nail fungus Amorolfin acis ® nail polish and how does the preparation work?
Amorolfin acis ® Nagellack is a drug (broad-spectrum antifungal) for the treatment of fungal diseases (mycoses) of the nails without involvement of the nail root (nail matrix). Amorolfin acis ® nail polish contains the active ingredient amorolfine, an antifungal that kills a wide variety of fungi that cause infection. Amorolfin acis Nagellack is used to treat nail fungus (caused by dermatophytes and yeasts) with an infestation of up to 80% of the nail (especially in the front area).

Instructions for use: Apply the nail polish to the affected fingernails or toenails once a week. Continue treatment until the diseased nails grow out healthy (normal nail appearance).
Before the first application, be sure to file off the diseased parts of the nail surfaces as much as possible. For all other applications, file as required (e.g. if the nails have thickened). Disposable files are included in the pack.

In any case, use one of the enclosed alcohol swabs to clean the nail surface. This will also remove any paint residue.

Apply the medicated nail polish with one of the included reusable spatulas. A spatula holder is included in the pack to make it easier for you to apply the nail polish that contains active ingredients. Please put a reusable spatula in the spatula holder.

Please use one of the reusable spatulas provided to remove the nail polish. For each nail to be treated, re-dip the spatula with the perforated surface and do not wipe it on the bottle neck (there is a risk of the screw cap sticking to the bottle).

Apply Amorolfin acis ® nail polish for nail fungus evenly to the entire surface of the diseased nail with the spatula.

Due to the special shape of the spatula holder, the spatula does not come into contact with the shelf (fungal spores remain on the spatula). You can put the spatula down in between without having to worry about fungal spores being transferred.

Close the vial tightly immediately after each use to prevent the solution from drying out. Allow the treated nails to dry for 10 minutes.

To reuse, clean the spatula with the alcohol swab after use.

After applying Amorolfin acis ® nail polish, for nail fungus, cosmetic nail polish can be applied as soon as Amorolfin acis ® nail polish, for nail fungus has dried (after 10 minutes). Before reapplying the Amorolfin acis ®Nail polish, the cosmetic nail polish should be carefully removed. In between, however, the use of a nail polish remover should be avoided.

How long should you use Amorolfin acis ® nail polish, for nail fungus?
Fungal infections are often very stubborn. You must therefore continue the treatment once a week (as described above) until the nail has grown back completely healthy. The time required for this is generally 6 months (fingernails) or 9 to 12 months (toenails), with the degree of infestation playing an important role. The nail growth rate is about 1 to 2mm per month.

A review of treatment is recommended at approximately three month intervals.