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AMOROLFINE nail fungus cure Heumann, Amorolfin Nagelkur Heumann 5% active ingredient-containing nail polish

Active ingredient: Amorolfin (AMOROLFINE)

AMOROLFINE nail fungus cure Heumann Area of application:

For the treatment of fungal infections in up to 2 nails, which affect both the nail surface and the nail edges.

As of 07/2020

AMOROLFINE nail fungus cure Heumann For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Nail polish containing active ingredients with nail set

  • Use only once a week
  • Waterproof nail polish - ideal for sports and leisure
  • With a complete set for nail fungus treatment
  • Well tolerated by local application

AMOROLFINE nail fungus cure Heumann Effective help with nail fungus
If a fingernail or toenail loses its shine, has a white, yellow or brown discoloration and the nail thickens or becomes brittle, it is probably a fungal infection of the nails. Since fungal nail diseases cannot heal by themselves and infect healthy nails, a fungal nail infection should always be treated. Nail fungus is also contagious and can spread to other family members.

AMOROLFINE nail fungus cure Heumann is a highly effective drug for the targeted treatment of fungal infections on the nail surface and the nail edges in up to two nails. The waterproof nail polish is ideal for sport and leisure and only needs to be used once a week.

AMOROLFINE nail fungus cure Heumann Complete nail set
AMOROLFINE nail fungus cure Heumann is especially suitable for the treatment of fungal nail diseases. The active ingredient amorolfine in a 5% concentration penetrates deep into the nail plate and reliably kills the fungus. The affected nail is retained during the treatment.

The complete set contains everything that is needed for the treatment of nail fungus: a bottle with Amorolfine nail polish, reusable applicators for applying the active ingredient-containing lacquer, as well as nail files and swabs.

Shorten the nail, file off the surface Before the first use, use the enclosed nail files to file off as much of the infected nail parts as possible - including the nail surface.

clean the nail
Clean the nail surfaces with one of the enclosed swabs. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each affected nail.

STEP 3: Apply
nail polish Dip
the applicator into the nail polish bottle and apply the polish evenly over the entire nail surface.

Repeat this step for each affected nail and let the polish dry for about 3 minutes.

Clean the applicator
The attached applicator is reusable. It is important to clean the applicator thoroughly after each use. To do this, use the same swab that you used to clean the nail.

Exercise can promote a fungal nail infection. In sports such as soccer or running, there is a risk of small skin injuries on the feet, in which pathogens can easily lodge.

Because the blood circulation in the feet is usually poor, people aged 65 and over are more likely to suffer from nail fungus. This also applies to people with varicose veins.

Nail fungus is contagious and easily transmitted to other people. In the event of an infection, therefore, pay more attention to hygiene and, for example, refrain from sharing towels.

AMOROLFINE nail fungus cure Heumann Frequently asked questions and answers

How does nail fungus develop?
Nail fungus is usually caused by thread fungi, rarely also by yeast or mold. The pathogens penetrate the nail bed into the nail bed and lift the nail plate there. As a result, the typical white-yellowish to brownish discoloration of the nail surface occurs.

The fungal nail infection can be favored by small skin injuries in the area of ​​the nail, which occur, for example, during sports. A previous athlete's foot disease can also increase the susceptibility to nail fungus disease.

Is nail fungus related to poor hygiene?
Hygiene cannot always prevent the fungal disease. However, poor or incorrect hygiene can promote fungal infestation.

How can I best protect myself from nail fungus?
It is best to take care of your nails regularly: Remove secretions and dirt under the nail and on the edge of the nail carefully and shorten your toenails so that a maximum of 1-2 mm of the edge that has grown out remains. This works best after a hand bath or foot bath. A cream helps prevent excessive callus formation and cracking. In fact, the best protection against the penetration of all pathogens is an intact skin.

How long does it take to treat toenail fungus?
In each individual case, it depends on the severity of the infection and where the nail fungus is. In general, it takes about six months for the fingernails to completely regenerate, and around nine to 12 months for nail fungus on the toenails. Until the diseased nail has grown out completely. It is advisable to review the treatment every three months.

In order to achieve a full recovery, it is important that the treatment is continued without interruption until the affected nail has completely regenerated and the affected areas have healed.

Is the Amorolfine nail fungus cure Heumann suitable for young people?
Amorolfine Nagelkur Heumann was specifically developed for use in adults. Due to a lack of clinical experience, the drug is not recommended for people under 18 years of age.