Amouage Honour Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray


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Amouage Honour Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray.

The luxurious Amouage Honour Eau de Parfum for women tells a dramatic story of love through a bouquet of the most amazing flowers. The Honour fragrance for women is inspired by a tale of truth, beauty, poetic love and suffering: the tale of Madame Butterfly.

Her exciting story that captured the hearts of generations is distilled into the Amouage Honour Eau de Parfum for women, using flowers to capture all the nuances of romantic love. This rich and opulent bouquet binds together tuberose, representing constant danger, enchanting jasmine, standing for fidelity, gardenia, a symbol of secret love, and lily of the valley for purity of heart. A distinctive aroma of coriander evokes innocence. The story told through the flowers is full of drama, emotions and sorrow. It concludes with incense and leather. These essences together symbolise the tragic end of the legendary romantic story.

The beautiful bottle of white crystal represents grief, innocence and eternity. The golden cap is fitted with a Swarovski crystal. The breathtaking Amouage Honour Eau de Parfum is suited to passionate women with a romantic soul who are not afraid to show their feelings. The beauty and the pain of love captured in this fragrance will captivate your feelings and remind you of the importance of living your passion to the fullest.

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