AMPUWA 100 ml Freka, sterile water for injection

Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH

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AMPUWA 100 ml Freka bottle injection/infusion solution, sterile water for injection

pack size:20X50ml Dosage form:Solution for injection/infusion

active ingredients

  • 50 ml water for injections


Indications for use sterile water for injection

Water for injections is used as a solvent for dissolving and diluting medicines for injection or infusion, in accordance with the relevant instructions for use.


Dosage and method of sterile water for injection

administration The solution is used for diluting and administering therapeutic drugs. The respective volume and the type of administration are specified in the information for healthcare professionals of the added medicinal product. The rate of administration is determined by the dosage regimen of the drug prescribed.

Only use clear and colorless solutions.