ANCENASAN herbal 20 g Turmeric, blackthorn, black cumin

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ANCENASAN ® herbal powder, Turmeric, blackthorn, black cumin

ANCENASAN herbal is an exclusive mixture of 49 finely ground medicinal and bitter herbs to support and care for all digestive organs. The herbs contain a multitude of valuable and health-promoting bitter, pungent and tannic substances from the group of secondary plant substances, in particular flavonoids, glucosinolates and terpenes. The herbs are basic and easy to take care of.

ANCENASAN herbal Turmeric, blackthorn, black cumin Components:
Turmeric, blackthorn, black cumin, barberry, artichoke, cloves, olive leaves, yarrow, nasturtium, gentian, centaury, dandelion leaves, mace, allspice, caraway, marshmallow, ginger, watercress, horsetail, angelica root, elk, or juniper berries Anise, mugwort, cayenne, bertram, thyme, papaya, ground vine, speedwell, wild garlic, verbena, green tea, lavender, cinnamon, beaverella, parsley root, liquorice, Odermenning, Icelandic moss, marigold, nettle, chickweed, hyssop, rose hip and red mallow. 100% natural with no other additives.

ANCENASAN herbal Turmeric, blackthorn, black cumin Instructions for use:
Stir 1 measuring spoon (corresponds to 1 g) of ANCENASAN¨ herbal into 100 ml of warm water 1-2 times a day and sip before or after eating. Always drink the herbs that settle out and then drink 1 glass of warm water as required.

Dietary supplements ANCENASAN herbal Turmeric, blackthorn, black cumin are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.