ANGOCIN Anti Infekt N film-coated tablets 50 pc

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ANGOCIN ® Anti – Infekt N

1 film - coated tablet contains: nasturtium herb powder 200 mg, horseradish root powder 80 mg.

Areas of application:
To improve the symptoms of acute inflammatory diseases of the bronchi, sinuses and urinary tract.

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Nasturtium & Horseradish - First aid for bronchitis, sinusitis and cystitis

  • Herbal medicine to ward off infections
  • Works against relevant bacteria and viruses, as well as anti-inflammatory
  • Efficacy and tolerability proven in numerous studies
  • High concentration of active ingredients (mustard oils) at the source of the infection
  • Mustard oils make an active contribution to reducing antibiotic resistance

When pathogens enter the body and multiply there, infectious diseases develop.

The herbal medicine ANGOCIN ® Anti- Infekt N is used to improve the symptoms of acute inflammatory diseases of the bronchi (bronchitis), sinuses (sinusitis) and urinary tracts (cystitis, cystitis). The active ingredients (mustard oils) from nasturtium and horseradish develop their effect directly on the inflammation centers of the respiratory and urinary tract. Due to the antibacterial or antiviral effect on pathogens that cause respiratory and urinary tract infections, these are killed or their growth is inhibited - the mustard oils also have an anti-inflammatory effect and alleviate the symptoms.

ANGOCIN ® Anti- Infekt N should be taken at the first signs of a cold or cystitis and should therefore not be missing in any medicine cabinet .

Medicinal plants contain mustard oils in an inactive, stable form; one then speaks of mustard oil glycosides / glucosinolates. From this inactive form, mustard oils are released after swallowing by means of a plant substance contained in nasturtiums and horseradish, which are the actual active substances. The mustard oils are then quickly and completely absorbed in the upper part of the intestine, i.e. absorbed into the blood. In this way, the mustard oils finally reach their excretory organs, the urinary bladder and the lungs, and are highly concentrated. This is where the mustard oils unfold their effect. Since the mustard oils are already absorbed in the upper part of the intestine, the deeper intestinal regions remain unaffected. The naturally occurring

ANGOCIN the advantages at a glance:

  • ANGOCIN ® Anti- Infekt N is effective against bronchitis, sinusitis and cystitis - naturally!
  • Due to the triple effect, the infection can be treated holistically
  • Long-term use in the case of frequent respiratory and urinary tract infections is possible
  • Approved for children from 6 years

Especially in the autumn and winter months, colds, flu-like infections or even the flu (influenza) are very popular . On average, an adult has a respiratory infection 3 times a year. Preschool children can even get the disease up to 8 times.

More and more people prefer herbal medicines for respiratory and urinary tract infections without complications and thus make an active contribution to reducing antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics should be saved for serious infections and only for infections caused by bacteria; they have no effect on viral infections of the respiratory tract. Antibiotic plant substances such as mustard oils also have an anti-inflammatory effect, so infections can be treated comprehensively with them.

WOMEN'S THING: Bladder infection
Cystitis is often protracted and painful. Women are affected more often than men. This is anatomically justified because women have a much shorter urethra than men. Bacteria can therefore get into the bladder faster and cause inflammation. 20% of the women affected suffer from cystitis several times a year - here it is important to take action at the first sign. ANGOCIN ® Anti- Infekt N should therefore not be missing in any medicine cabinet .

How many ANGOCIN ® Anti- Infekt N tablets can you take?
Adults and adolescents from 12 years of age take 4 film-coated tablets 3 times a day. Children from 6–12 years of age take 3 film-coated tablets 3 times a day.

Why can ANGOCIN® Anti-Infekt N be taken for respiratory infections and for bladder infections?
This can be explained by the mechanism of action: The relevant active ingredients - mustard oils - accumulate in the excretory organs, the urinary bladder and the lungs. So exactly where bacteria or viruses triggered the infection, the mustard oils are highly concentrated and can develop their effect.

Can ANGOCIN ® Anti- Infekt N also be taken over a longer period of time and also with recurring complaints?
Yes. The duration of use of ANGOCIN ®Anti-Infect N is not limited. The remedy is therefore also very suitable for recurring complaints. The bacterium Escherichia coli, which is the most common cause of cystitis, has developed strategies to protect itself from antibiotics. On the one hand, bacteria can attach themselves to the cells of the inner wall of the urinary bladder and invade the cell. As a result, antibiotics can hardly reach them. Mustard oils made from nasturtium and horseradish root can prevent bacteria from penetrating the cells and are therefore an alternative for uncomplicated, frequently recurring cystitis. On the other hand, bacteria use so-called "biofilms" to protect themselves from antibiotics and the human immune system. The mustard oils can also help here, by disrupting biofilm formation and making existing biofilms permeable. This can open up the possibility of bacteria becoming sensitive to antibiotics again.