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Animal vegetable mineral, MAUMASIL drops vet.


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MAUMASIL drops vet. Animal vegetable mineral

Dosage form:drops


Animal vegetable mineral, MAUMASIL ® for pets - animal drops

MAUMASIL mineral complex of plant origin without preservatives. Liquid supplementary food for all pets.

Animal vegetable mineral Contents:

20 or 50 ml

Vegetable by-products, minerals

Animal vegetable mineral Ingredients:

Crude protein (2.2%), crude fat (0.5%), crude fiber (1%), moisture (86%), crude ash (2.2%)

Feeding recommendation:
Mix Add a few drops to your usual food or drink.

Recommended dosage:
depending on the weight of the pet per day
<3 kg 2 times 3 drops
3-9 kg 2 times 3-5 drops
9-20 kg 2 times 5-9 drops

Store in a cool place