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Anti inflammatory supplements | AKUTOL STOP spray 60ml

Salus International

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  • AKUTOL STOP is a product that has a disinfecting and soothing effect on inflammation. It accelerates the wound healing process and absorbs blood and other secretions from the wound. Cools and promotes hydration.

Anti inflammatory supplements Ingredients:
Methylene dimethyletherum, Dimethyletherum, Calcium alginate, Natrium alginate, Jojoba esters, Hippophae rhamnoides oil, Aloe vera, Calendula officinalis, Matricaria recutita, Menthol.

Anti inflammatory supplements Operation: The product is intended for local use. It contains alginate, which is responsible for absorbing blood and other secretions from the wounded area. It coats the wound with a cooling hydrogel and accelerates the healing process. In addition, it consists of natural extracts (from camomile and marigold), which have a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect. Sea buckthorn oil, aloe vera and jojoba wax maintain the level of hydration and support the regeneration of the epidermis.

Anti inflammatory supplements Indications:
Use in the case of cuts and abrasions and hard to heal wounds, burns, pressure ulcers and ulcers.

- allergy to the constituent substances of the preparation

Use externally. Apply from a distance of 15-20 cm (so that it does not run off the wound) and then cover with a flexible dressing (in order to fix the resulting hydrogel).