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Massage oil portable obesity is a combined form against cellulite and obesity. It is suitable for local accumulations of adipose tissue, especially in the abdominal area.

Anti-obesity massage oil is an additional tool in the fight against excess weight. Its action is based on the essential oils included in its composition. Patchouli oil is obtained from an Indian herb.

ANTI-OBESITY OIL ELI ИКАРОВ is preferred in the fight against obesity - it stimulates the body to excrete excess fat. The remaining oils - lavender, lemon and juniper berries, are a typical anti-cellulite formula and help fat cells "get rid" of excess water retention. Combined with massage, they increase blood and lymph circulation and facilitate the release of toxins. The essential oils are dissolved in a base mixture of sesame and safflower / oleic type / oils. They penetrate deeply, heat and actively participate in lipid metabolism.
Massage with massage oil relaxes the body, calms the nervous system and actively helps to cope with the effects of stress. Essential oils also affect the body in other ways.They relieve muscle and joint pain, cramps and help with old injuries. Blood pressure may drop slightly. Regular massages with anti-obesity oil help to achieve a better appearance of the skin - it becomes firmer, smoother and more elastic.

The massage is performed in the following sequence from bottom to top: calves - back of the thighs, buttocks, back / without spine /, upper arms, shoulders. Then continue with the front of the thighs, abdomen and chest. Each part of the body is massaged for a few minutes with alternating longitudinal movements from bottom to top. It is pressed when the hands move up and only slide down. Then make circular motions by changing the direction of rotation. It is important to focus and identify the places where a longer massage is needed. After a few sessions, the fingers will cope more confidently. After a while, they will "bring" the pleasant feeling of the changing shapes of the body.

ANTI-OBESITY OIL ELI ИКАРОВ Provided that several methods are combined, the first noticeable results may appear after 7-10 days. Obesity, however, is something strictly individual and it takes some time until the body adjusts and "switches" to another regime. Will and determination must become the constant and strongest weapon!