Antibacterial deodorant, BEAUTY FORMULAS Anti-bacterial and antifungal deodorant 150ml

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  • Antibacterial deodorant BEAUTY FORMULAS An antimicrobial and antifungal deodorant is a fast-drying product that combats bacteria and fungi. It protects against the formation of unpleasant odors.

Alcohol denat., Butane, Iso-butane, Propane, Isopropanol Alcohol, Triclosan, Parfum, Dichlorophene, Undecanoic Acid.

Action: The product is in the form of a shoe deodorant. Its use contributes to combating bacteria and fungi in the sole of the shoe. Thanks to this, it protects against the appearance of fungal infection on the feet. The active formula also prevents the appearance of unpleasant odor of sweat. Deodorant is easy to use and dries quickly after application.

Use a deodorant to eliminate unpleasant odor and prevent the occurrence of foot fungus.

Directions for use:
Apply topically. Shake the deodorant container before use. Spray the inside of the shoes if necessary. After applying, wait a while until the footwear dries.