ANTICUBIT Bed linen balm 500ml - ANTICUBIT, bed sores and soreness

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  • ANTICUBIT is a body lotion that helps prevent the development of bed sores and soreness. It elasticises the skin, acts anti-inflammatory and soothes the inflammation. It fights bacteria and fungi.

Water, Isopropyl Myristate, Glycerol Stearate, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Ceteareth-12, Ceteareth-20, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil, 03PL001, Linalool, Geraniol, Limonene, Lactic Acid, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.

Balm belongs to a wide category of cosmetics. It consists of appropriately selected substances, the task of which is to prevent the formation of bed sores and burns. This product nourishes, softens and soothes irritations. In addition, it exhibits anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal properties (tea tree oil).Easily spread over the skin.

Use a cosmetic to prevent bed sores and burns. Recommended for skin irritation.

Lubricate the skin of the body (back, buttocks and heels) after cleansing and drying before repeating at least x 2 / 24h.