ANTIHYDRAL ointment 70 g

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Antihydral ® ointment.
Active ingredient: methenamine.

ANTIHYDRAL Composition:

100 g of ointment contain 13 g of methenamine. Otherwise.

ANTIHYDRAL Ingredients:

talc, purified water, zinc oxide, white clay, color E 172, glycerol, carmellose sodium, flavoring.

ANTIHYDRAL Areas of application:

Antihydral ® is an ointment for use on the skin and is used for strong perspiration, especially for foot, hand and armpit sweat.


If you are hypersensitive to formaldehyde or any of the other ingredients,
Antihydral ® should not be used. Antihydral ® must not be used on weeping or blistered skin areas.


Antihydral ® should not be used on the breastfeeding breast.

Side effects:

Methenamine can rarely cause irritation or hypersensitivity reactions of the skin when used externally. People with a formaldehyde contact allergy may develop eczema or skin rashes.


Apply Antihydral ® ointment thinly 1-2 times a day and allow to dry. After a few days, the perspiration usually subsides and Antihydral can then be used individually at longer intervals