Antiperspirant powder 100g


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  • Antiperspirant powder is a product that limits hyperhidrosis (e.g., feet) and eliminates the unpleasant smell of sweat. Protects against scratches and chafes and accelerates skin regeneration.

Action: Antiperspirant powder has the form of antiperspirant backfill, which effectively reduces excessive sweating, eliminating the impression of moisturizing the skin. Removes unpleasant odor and reduces the multiplication of microorganisms. It prevents abrasions and chafes in places where skin is in contact. Thanks to the content of allantoin, it soothes irritations and stimulates the process of skin reconstruction. It does not have an odor and does not contain any preservatives. It can be applied to the skin of feet and skin folds.

It is recommended to use powder in the case of excessive perspiration, in places such as the skin of the feet, skin folds, groins, folds under the bust. Recommended for athletes, obese people and those who are hyperhidrosis and skin burns.

Directions for use:
Apply topically. Use powder for cleansed and dried skin. It can be used after depilation and for socks or shoes to reduce excessive sweating of the feet.