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ANTISTAX extra vein tablets 60 pc Relieves tired, heavy legs

Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH GB Selbstmedikation /Consumer-Care

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Antistax ® extra vein tablets. Relieves tired, heavy legs

Active ingredient: dry extract from red grapevine leaves.
For the treatment in adults of symptoms associated with diseases of the leg veins (chronic venous insufficiency), for example pain and heaviness in the legs, varicose veins, nocturnal calf cramps, itching and swollen legs (leg edema). Note leaflet.

Antistax ® extra vein tablets For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Relieves tired, heavy legs.

Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, 65926 Frankfurt am Main.

Antistax ® extra vein tablets, Relieves tired, heavy legs
Film-coated tablet 360 mg, 30 pieces, with the medicinal power of red vine leaves, for heavy & swollen legs, night cramps in the calves, weak veins.

Tired, painful legs? Varicose veins and sudden cramps in the calves at night? You are not alone in this! Almost 90 percent of all Germans * suffer from venous changes. Don't ignore swollen and heavy legs. Antistax ® extra vein tablets relieve the pain and the feeling of heaviness in the legs and have been shown to have an effect against tingling, pain, tension and edema in the legs.

• Relieves tired, heavy legs
• Only to be taken once a day
• Well tolerated and has been proven to work
• For a lasting good feeling in the legs

The medical power of Red vine leaves - so act Antistax ® Extra veins tablets
Antistax ® Extra veins tablets relieve with the medical power of the Red grapevine swollen and aching legs. The active ingredient starts exactly where the damage occurs: on the vein wall. The vein walls are proven to be repaired, strengthened and protected. The extract of the red vine leaves has a high content of secondary plant substances, the so-called flavonoids. Due to the targeted effect in the vein:

• The vein walls are repaired.
• Edema (swollen legs) reduced.
• The microcirculation and oxygen supply are improved.
• Relieves leg pain and tension.

The decongestant extract of red vine leaves inhibits the formation of inflammatory messengers and at the same time seals the vein walls so that less fluid can escape into the surrounding tissue. For those affected, this means that the so-called "water in the legs" decreases, which causes a very relieving feeling. Leg swelling and the associated complaints, such as the characteristic feeling of tension and heaviness in the legs, noticeably decrease.

Take 1-2 tablets daily before breakfast with water.

Antistax ® extra vein tablets are suitable for simultaneous use with compression and support stockings. In addition, Antistax ® soothesVein cream for heavy and tired legs. Antistax ® fresh gel cosmetic invigorates, cools and refreshes heavy, tired legs.

Vein problems are the problem for all of us
90 percent * of adults suffer from venous changes. Venous disease is a widespread disease that by no means only affects the elderly. Young people also complain of the first symptoms of chronic venous disease, such as heavy and swollen legs, tingling, spider veins or varicose veins. The symptoms increase with age. Especially on hot days, the problem can sometimes become unbearable for those affected. But basically, in the heat, only that which slumbers beneath the surface all year round comes to light! Venous disease is a year-round problem.

A vein problem is favored by risk factors such as lack of exercise, obesity, genetic predisposition and a lot of sitting or standing.

But how can those affected interpret the first signs and counteract them?

The first signs of weak veins are tired, heavy legs and spider veins. Spider veins are easily visible, dilated small veins that lie directly in the epidermis. In the further course, pain in the legs, calf cramps, varicose veins, feeling of tension, and swelling of the legs and feet, so-called edema. The venous weakness is particularly bad if there are visible skin changes, lower leg ulcers or even an open leg.

Take care of your venous disease in good time!
Once the venous disease is there, it can get worse - as long as it is left untreated. It is therefore important to intervene at the first signs of weak veins:

• Move around a lot and activate your muscle pumps.
• Weight loss is strongly recommended if you are overweight, otherwise the pressure on the veins becomes too strong.
• Wear prescribed compression stockings consistently.
• Wear shoes with a lower heel and a flexible sole.
• Incorporate sports, yoga, Pilates or special vein exercises into your everyday life.
• Use Antistax ® products with the extract of red vine leaves.

Are the legs heavy and swollen? Then up with it! Or go for a walk. Always act according to our recommended “LLSS” formula: Better to run and lie down than stand and sit. Those who sit a lot or stand exclusively prevent the used blood from migrating back to the heart from the leg. This increases the pressure on the vein wall and the veins become inflamed.

Why should Antistax ® extra vein tablets be taken permanently?
Vein weakness is a steadily progressive process. It takes time for the inflammatory processes in the veins to subside and for the jammed fluid to be removed from the legs. It is therefore advisable to take the vein tablets for at least three months. Just swallowing a tablet every now and then in acute symptoms does not improve the venous disease. It is a chronic condition that should be treated year-round.

* including 17% CVI patients