ANUREX applicator for cryotherapy anus 1pc Varicose veins of the legs, hemorrhoids


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  • ANUREX - is 100% natural way, without the use of pharmacological agents. Cryotherapy method is a simple and very effective, which may be used by anyone in any home.

Anurex is made of high quality plastic (approved for medical use). It has the shape of a cylindrical tube and the size of your little finger.

Anurex contains a special substance that can be repeatedly frozen and thawed. This substance is sealed in the cylinder Anurex-in and during the treatment is not in direct contact with the body, and serves only for transmitting the cold.

Anurex should be frozen before use in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Cooling process results in the elimination of hemorrhoids pain, itching, bleeding and reducing the inhibition of edema.

The use of Anurex-in causes recuperation structures hemorrhoidal tissue to heal. In use Anurex-u do not need to use any other medications, it can be used without restrictions, wherever other conventional treatment methods can not be applied or do not exist.Each time a device is 6-10 minutes and may be repeated during the day as many times as needed.

It is recommended to use two devices in sequence one after the other, which, as studies have shown, greatly speeds up the final result.

Usage: insert into the freezer for 2 hours. Brush with any lube applicator. Insert the applicator into the rectum for 6-8 minutes.Remove, wash and put back in the freezer.