Anusir suppositories x 10 pieces, haemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, hemroids, itchy bottom, itchy bum

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  • Anusir suppositories is a product constitutes a source of hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing and accelerates the process of regeneration and renewal of irritated mucous membranes of the rectum and anal canal.

1 suppository of 2 g contains: 10 mg of hyaluronic acid sodium salt and a neutral fat as an excipient.

Anusir suppositories is a medical product that contains hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its content of the product contributes to increasing the level of hydration and mucosal protection. It regenerates and accelerates the healing process of the lining of the rectum and anal canal. Anusir suppositories product is intended for rectal use.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

It is recommended to use the product in order to regenerate the moisture and the rectal mucosa and the anal canal after surgery or surgical procedures (radiotherapy), and inflammation, which extend from the annoying itching, redness and swelling. Indicated also for haemorrhoids and anal crevices (resulting from constipation).

How to use:
Apply topically, rectally. It is recommended to use a suppository 1 x 1/24 before going to bed. The treatment should last for about 5-10 consecutive days. If desired the product can be used for up to 20 days. A single treatment is not recommended to use suppositories for longer than 20 days. Before using, wash your hands.