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APIRECTUM Suppositories propolis x 10 pieces, anal mucosa


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  • Apirectum suppositories propolis, a natural medical device used in case of changes and injuries of the anal mucosa such as: itching, swelling, cracks. The center moisturizes and helps bowel movement and contributes to faster healing changes

1 suppository contains 10 mg of hyaluronic acid sodium salt (sodium hyaluronate),
50 mg propolis (ethanolic extract of propolis)

Action: Apirectum suppositories propolis is an effective and natural way to alleviate any changes and injuries of the mucous membrane around the anus.Apirectum, a safe medical device effective anti-itching, swelling, and cracks appearing during bowel problems. Suppository after application produces sticky hydrogel coating mucous membranes, which moisturizes and protects against further injury. The use of suppositories Apirectum, promotes the activation of natural mechanisms of regeneration and anti-inflammatory and contributes to faster healing changes and restore the natural physiological condition of the anus.

Application: Apirectum suppositories propolis are used as a means of alleviating changes and injuries of the anal mucosa (itching, swelling, small cracks) caused by constipation.

Usage: depending on the degree of severity of lesions, apply one or two suppositories daily. suppository set up the anus after defecation, preferably overnight. suppositories used for 5-10 days, until the disappearance of unfavorable changes in the anal area. Where two suppositories per day, one cone assumed in the morning and one at night.